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Human beings are social creatures. And for optimum health, humans need genuine social connection. These social connections (or bonds or networks) involve family, friends, significant others, the broader community and, ultimately, all of humanity.

Using a hot tub encourages " Play" and brings us closer



Millions of hot tub owners from around the world can attest to the multitude of benefits they derive from using their hot tubs. From arthritis to back pain to diabetes, soaking in a hot tub can help cure what ails you.

Not only that, soaking in hot water before sleep can ease your transition into deeper sleep!.



People have received relaxation benefits from the use of natural hot water springs since the dawn of civilization. For generations, hot water has been used therapeutically by hospitals, physical therapists and health practitioners around the world.

For stress relief today, a hot tub is the modern equivalent of a Greek or Roman hot water spa.

The spas of  DIMENSION ONE SPAS USA (3 - 7 seats),  are specially designed for  outside and  interiorly.  Their perfect design, the high quality construction materials and their premium function, classify them in the 4 stars spa category which is the higher rank in the world.
The DIMENSION ONE spas do not require constant water change, as one complete filters system in combination with the ozonation system  always maintain the water fresh and clean 24 hours a day.  Hence, the water can be maintained for    2-3 months without a change for custom uses.    A specially designed heater conserves the selected temperature of the water, stable throughout the whole day.  The specially designed  two speed american pumps release deluges of water in the jets and give away a unique feeling of relief  and rejuvenation.
The possibility of multiple jet systems chioces  promises an extraordinary hydromassage, whilst the  hidden lighting, completes the creation of a unique relaxation atmosphere.
The spa is accompanied be a high quality - durable cover, for maintaining the temperature of the spa and protecting it from the weather conditions.

Interacqua may also, provide you, the  professional line AQUATIC FITNESS of Dimension One Spas, especially designed for  gyms, hotels, private places,  wellness centres, spa centres, e.t.c..



You may pick the SPA that you like and let yourself  «in the hands of a professional masseur»... 

who does not require a tip!!



Visit the website of DIMENSION ONE SPAS to find all of the models and the trips that you require:  http://www.d1spas.com/


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