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Since the ancient times, Greeks and Romans, built artificial pools for athletic training in the palaestras, for nautical games and for military exercises. Roman emperors had private swimming pools  in which fish were also kept και hence one of the Latin words for a pool  “piscina” .
Nowdays, a swimming pool, swimming bath, wading pool  is an artificially enclosed body  of water intended for swimming or water based recreation.

There are many standard sizes. The largest and deepest is the "Olympic Size".  A pool can be built  either above or in the ground and from materials such as metal, fiberglass or concrete.

Pools that may be used by many people or by the general public are called «public» while pools used exclusively by a few people or in a home are called «private». Many health clubs, fitness centres and private clubs have public pools used mostly for exercise. Many hotels and massage parlors have public pools for relaxation. Hot tubs and spas are pools with hot water, used for relaxation or therapy, and are common in homes, hotels, clubs and massage parlors. Swimming pools are also used for diving and other water sports, as well as for the training of lifequards and astronauts.

The water within a pool, must always be clean and healthy.  Chemical disinfectants such as chlorine, bromine, mineral sanitizers , active oxygen as well as proper filters (sand filters, cartridge filters, diatomic earth) are often used in swimming pools in order to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, viruses, algae and insect larvae. Alternatively, pools can be made without chemical disinfectants by using a biofilter with additional filters.

In both cases, pools need to be fitted with an adequate flow rate through proper inlets, floor sumps, skimmers or overflow channels, so the water is maintainated  transparent and healthy.

The final position and the orientation of the pool in relation to the requirements of the user,  and its installation, is a speciall study object of the specialized engineers.

Interacqua with its long-lasting experience, constructs pools in different  shapes and dimensions, with perimetrical overflow or skimmers according to the  customer's needs  and in accordance with the higher international standards of quality and construction.

Interacqua's  pools are equiped with excellent filtering systems, automatic water decontamination systems, hydromassage, exercise and counter stream systems, water games, fountains and water curtens, multicolour underwater lights and  LED lights.  Moreover, we can install automatic or manuall pool covers and automatic vacuum cleaners (robots).

Interacqua's  engineers, along with you, can design and suggest  the completion of your pool, with the proper insullation and the final lining with paint, tiles, tesseras, pebbles or plaster.

Finally, Interacqua, can undertake the decoration of the perimetrical overfloew of your pool with the suitable marble lining or other material of your choice. 


Lets start together, the pool that you have dreamed of ...

 because we can make your dreams come true! 

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