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For many years, we have been asking customers why they decided to choose a steam bath.

More than 90% say “for a bit of luxury at home”. Steam is a simple way to turn any bathroom into a luxurious home spa. But isn’t it complicated? No, not particularly!


When you boil water you produce water vapour otherwise known as steam. Steam in its pure form is clear, however when it mixes with cooler air it starts to condense and this is the condition, when it is visible, that most people associate with steam.

Filling a shower with steam increases both the humidity and the temperature. Humidity is the key to heat sensation – the higher the humidity, the hotter you will feel at the same temperature. This is why a steam shower will feel hot at 40ºC, whilst a dry sauna needs to be 70-80ºC to feel as hot.


Steam bathing is a luxury that dates back thousands of years, first enjoyed by the ancient Greeks, then the Romans, who built “Sudatoria” in public baths across their expansive empire. The Turkish still enjoy steam in the same way in their public "Hammam” baths, as do the Russians with their “Banja”. Many of us may have enjoyed steam bathing at our health club or spa as part of our fitness/health regime.

Much research has been done into the benefits of heat treatments such as sauna and  team, and use is claimed to alleviate many types of breathing, joint and muscular disorders.

However, the clearest benefits are relaxation (body and mind), stress relief nd deep skin cleansing.

Interacqua's engineers, will help you, to design, along with you and build, your own steam bath, according to your requirements.


You just live ...

the enchanting atmosphere of a hamam !!

Visit the Helo®  website and find the one that suits you:  http://www.helo.co.uk/


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